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Welcome to Sinetracks Mastering.

Sinetracks Mastering is a professional studio based in Toulouse, France.

The cabin was designed by John Brandt (, renowned acoustician. This design is unique in France for its listening precision and working comfort.

Listening to it and coming to work there is the adopted.

The studio revolves around a combination of analog equipment designed, customized and recognized for the practice of mastering, and a fleet of digital processors for a diversified response.

The analog processing chain is the result of several years of research and experience where each element has its place and function to enhance your music.

With a global reach, the studio attracts all kinds of artists and styles of music.

From Carl Craig to Will Barber via Cuarteto Tafi, Skin, ProleteR and many others, Sinetracks Mastering is at your service and at the service of music.

You are welcome to pass by the Studio to say hello and talk about your projects.


`` Whether it's for a million or a listener, the implication is the same ''


Modified Tyler's Acoustics MM5X speakers.


Amplification 2x Monoblocs Hypex NC500.


2400 Audio Stormtrooper Imperium modified.

IK Multimedia '' ILoud ''.


ADDA CraneSong HEDD 192 with DA upgraded '' Quantum ''.


AD Lavry '' Gold '' AD122-96 MX.

DA CraneSong Solaris.

Weiss AFI-1 sound card.


APPLE MacPro 12 core 3GHz.  


Rega Planar 3 Turntable.


Alice PhonoPak2 Phono Preamp.

Chord Electronics Mojo Headphone Preamp.

Ollo SR4 Reference.


Waves L2 '' Ultramaximizer '' Hardware.

TCelectronics Clarity M.

FabFilters Suite, Izotope, Voxengo, Sonnox, PluginAlliance.

Renegade-Sound Design Analogue Vu-meters.


Renegade-Sound Design Guillotine Mastering EQ.


Renegade-Sound Design FireMaiden V2 Vari-Mu Mastering Compressor.

Renegade-Sound Design Stendhal Mastering EQ & Filters.

Renegade-Sound Design Seed of Fear VCA Mastering Compressor.

Manley Massive Passive EQ modified.

Maselec MPL-2 Mastering Limiter & HF Limiter.

Aphex Dominator II Multiband Mastering Limiter & Clipper modified.



With more than 15 years of experience in the music industry, the basis of our projects is a clientele of regulars who come from all over the world, but also established in the local industry.

We invite you to listen to the experience from your studio or directly from our room in Toulouse.

▶ Will Barber - Another Brick In The Wall (cover)

▶ Will Barber - Another Brick In The Wall (cover)

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